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Urlschecker is a free, online tool that instantly checks URLs and provides detailed information on the status of any URL you enter.

URL Checker

The Online URL Checker Tool is a great way to check the health of your website's URLs. It's quick, easy to use, and free. Simply enter your URL into the tool and click "Check." The tool will scan your URL and report any errors it finds. This is a valuable resource for keeping your website healthy and running smoothly.

URL Redirect

URL Expander is a link expanding facility that allows you to trace your shortened link and retrieve the original URL from it. It follows the path of the link, shows the full redirection track, and redirects to the final landing link.

Website Running

If you want to check if a URL is working or not, you can use an online URL checker tool. To do this, simply enter the URL into the checker and hit enter. The tool will then run a check on the URL and tell you whether it is working or not.

URL Security

Our online URL checker tool will helps you to check the safety and security of a website or URL you gave it. It does this by scanning the website for malware and other threats. At the end you will have trust score for your URL. URL Redirect Checker can help you in URL redirections. Expand URLs. Stay safe.

Expand URLs and stay safe on the go

Use our free browser extensions to check and stay safe from malicious URLs instantly. A single click is all you need.

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